With a grateful heart…

In numerology the number eight is associated with professionalism, material freedom, affluence, and self-confidence as well as compassion, freedom and self-reliance. Here I am closing out the eighth year of what was once a dream and now exists as a promise fulfilled.

I was not sure how I would feel when I reached this moment and now that I am typing the final post for TheWRITEaddiction I feel joy, satisfaction, freedom…

I feel free to open my heart to the next chapter of my creative life. I have loved this work for these past eight years and I am proud of the shared accomplishment of all my writers. We did this thing, y’all!

We proved that it is possible to fit it in and honor your writing gift even in the midst of being parents, spouses, siblings, caregivers, teachers, preachers, researchers, activists, etc.

Thank you for jumping off the cliff with me, I am so proud to see how each of you have soared.

For everyone who has ever taken a moment to read our work, thank you, from all of us.

TheWRITEaddiction Staff

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