What’s Happening Wednesday: Break My Soul

So Beyonce dropped her first single from her upcoming album and of course, the world went crazy. This anthem comes just in time for summer. As the world is opening back up, Beyonce is telling her fans to release their stress and go outside.

I’m all for releasing stress, but I’m not comfortable with the second half of this message. I don’t think we’re quite ready to be outside yet. COVID is still out there. Now, Monkey Pox is out there. Gas cost $5.00 a gallon. I spent $200 on groceries last week, and Beyonce is out here telling folks to quit there jobs? No ma’am!

Everybody is talking about that part of the song, but I don’t think that’s the real message. Towards the end of the song, Queen Bey is singing about motivation, a new foundation, and salvation. My favorite line is when she says:

“We go up and down, lost and found
Searchin’ for love
Looking for something that lives inside me”

I think the real aim of the song is to remind us that we have put too much trust in ever-changing external conditions, when there is never-changing eternal Creator that loves our very souls. But maybe that’s a reach, because I’m a church girl who looks for God in everything. I have never failed in my quest.

My prayer today is for those whose hearts are on the verge of breaking because of what’s going on in your world. May you find a safe place to restore your soul, even if that place is in your living room dancing to Beyonce and Big Freedia!

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