Speak Saturdays: From Mellow Mondays to Speak Saturdays To Goodbye…For Now

I can’t believe I wrote my first blog post back in 2016.  That was six years ago.

Today is my last posting on the WRITEaddiction blog. The blog will take its sunset on August 1st. After this date you will not see any new content however the website will still be active. So don’t fret….you have the opportunity to read all your favorite bloggers amazing content if you are behind on your reading: https://thewriteaddiction.com/

I want to thank our fearless leader, Marta Youngblood, for challenging me to step out of my comfort zone. Now, I still don’t consider myself a writer but somehow this blogging thing has etched itself into my DNA and I kinda of like it.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my random thoughts with each of you. And I do mean random. I truly write about what I am feeling in the moment.

I am going to take a hiatus and allow myself to regroup. But I won’t stay gone too long. I promise.

To my fellow members of the WRITEaddiction, thank you for allowing me to share this space with you. To Marta, thank you for creating a space of creativity and authenticity. And to my supporters, thank you for supporting.

Happy Saturday!


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