Leadership Lesson #21: The Power of Focus

The simplest definition of leadership is influencing others to do something while working towards a common goal or agenda. In 2022, I’m focusing on becoming a better leader in all areas of my life. As I grow, I’m sharing lessons and stories along the way. Thanks for tuning in and I hope something I share resonates with you in your leadership (influence) journey. 

We are constantly surrounded by distractions. In a world with chaos, noise, opinions, news, and constant chatter, finding focus can be incredibly difficult. It takes skill to carve out times of solitude, rest and intense focus on goals. As leaders, it’s easy to lose time catching up on all the latest news or delving knee-deep into the weeds of day-to-day operations or deciphering between what’s most important in a long list of to do’s. However, operating in chaos and disorder doesn’t yield the best results.  

If you have difficulty finding time to focus, schedule time on your calendar to work in a specific thing and turn off notifications so you don’t get distracted. Turn off your phone for an hour if you need to devote your full attention to something. Another exercise is to review your daily schedule and take note of things that are time wasters.  Training your mind to focus on one thing at a time is a learned skill. It can be difficult at first but it gets easier with practice. It allows you to be fully present for the task at hand. That, in turn, allows for greater productivity. 

~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is an author, speaker, life coach and business executive who is passionate about helping others get unstuck. She hosts a beyond stuck podcast and has written seven inspirational books. Connect with Coletta at info@moveu4ward.com. 

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