Leadership Lesson #13

The simplest definition of leadership is influencing others to do something while working towards a common goal or agenda. In 2022, I’m focusing on becoming a better leader in all areas of my life. As I grow, I’m sharing lessons and stories along the way. Thanks for tuning in and I hope something I share resonates with you in your leadership (influence) journey. 

One of the most difficult things leaders face is having difficult conversations. These may be conversations that are rooted from a disagreement, a misperception, a misunderstanding or any number of things. Allowing the angst to grow and fester rarely does anyone any good. If after giving the matter time to reflect on it and there’s still a feeling of unrest, it’s time to deal constructively with it. Decide what you want to say and how you can say it in a way where it is understood. Write down your thoughts and mull them over. How will it sound to the person on the receiving end? How can you take the emotion out of it? 

Choose the right time to address the situation. Make sure you have sufficient time to address it without feeling rushed. Try to use “I” statements which helps remove the defensiveness. 

Having a difficult conversation should never be shied away from but it should be given much thought to the timing and tone.  Don’t move forward until you have peace about it. 

  • Is there a conversation you need to have?
  • How can you approach the conversation in a way that brings clarity, understanding and a solution moving forward?
  • What will your next step be if the conversation goes differently than you expect? 

 ~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is an author, speaker, life coach and business executive who is passionate about helping others get unstuck. She hosts a beyond stuck podcast and has written seven inspirational books. Connect with Coletta at info@moveu4ward.com. 

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