Speak Saturdays: Let’s Talk About Number 8

Last week, I shared the photo you see below. In my blog, I stated I would expound on each point over the next several weeks. Well, I work in healthcare so it only make sense why I talk about it today.

In America, healthcare is a business. When I meet with a new patient I say the same spill. “Our hospital is in network with your insurance but there are no guarantee of benefits. Your insurance can deny benefits once claims are filed.”

Being sick can become very expensive and your insurance can dictates how your care goes. People who are working on your care have to show why you need certain procedures or certain medications. There are so many insurance companies. Each one is different. Some have great benefits. Some do not.

There are so many processes in places that medical facilities must follow when dealing with insurance companies. And each insurance company is different. I will not bore you today with those processes or how long I’ve been on hold just to speak with a customer service representative.

I understand, as a consumer, why you would choose free medical care for life. The insurance companies look out for their bottom line and when you are sick you do not have time to argue what they will pay for. Or be worried about how you will pay for medical bills.

My hope is America will follow a universal healthcare system in the near future.

Happy Saturday!


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