Speak Saturdays: Which Three?

Our fearless leader, Marta, will give us writing prompts from time to time. This blogger is thankful because I surely do have writer’s block.

Our new prompt is how would we respond to the picture below:

I can see many ways I can talk about the above photo. And I will explore those ways over the next several weeks. Today, I will answer which three I would choose today.

Before I reveal my three, most people pick their answers based off current life situations.

My picks are #1, #3, and #6.

Why? I’m glad you asked.

My car finally stopped working after 17 years. Yes, I drove my first car that long. It was the car my father gifted me for graduating from college. Bessie was good to me .

Let me tell buying a car during these COVID times sucks. No rebates. No first time buyer deals. No nothing. That’s the reason why I chose #1 and #3.

No need to ask if you been to the grocery story lately. Those shelves are bare but the other shocking part are the prices. Luckily, I am single so I can buy the bare minimum but that doesn’t mean I want pay an insane price for pound of ground beef.

Which three would you pick?

Happy Saturday!


One thought on “Speak Saturdays: Which Three?

  1. This is a great question! So many to choose from, but these are what I would choose-
    2-free mortgage for 6 months-that would be awesome! The ability to save that money will come in handy for my next choice-
    4-unlimited airline tickets-I love to travel and it would be so easy if I did not have to pay for the flights!
    6-Free groceries for 5 years-that is huge! My kiddos “shop” at my house so this is a win-win-win-win!!


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