Corona Chronicles 02/28/2022

I cannot believe February is over already. i know it only has 28 days, but I completely let time get away from me.

Here’s what’s happening in our world: My son is coughing again. He does not have a fever, just a dry cough. We kept him home from school, hoping that it will go away. I’m afraid he will be qt home with us for another 10 days, which will put him behind again. he was so proud that he had brought his grades back up. He does not need another setback.

The baby was 10 minutes late to her 30 minute dance class. She thinks the actual clock revolves around her. I have no idea how to teach her the value of time, especially since I, too, struggle with the concept.

Between debate, acting classes, student council and the playwright round table, I can barely keep up with the big kid. She seems to be doing well, when she’a not making fub of her parents.

I did have one big mommy win today. I ordered a toy from Amazon, and at one point all three kids were huddled around it. That’s a big deal. There is a total age difference of 8 years between my oldest and my youngest. The fact that I found something that interests all of them is next-level parenting.

Since it’s the last day of black history month, I made neckbones and beans for dinner. I threw in some rice, corn bread, and a can of glory greens for good measure. What a way to honor my ancestors🤣. It was delicious and I have no regrets.

That’s it! Tomorrow kicks off a long stretch of pretty tough days at work. Send good vibes.

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