Speak Saturdays: The Other Silent Killer

Sorry, I’ve been away for a couple of weeks. I tragically lost my uncle and have been dealing with that news. Thank you to my village for your prayers and support.

Now today’s blog….

Growing up, I offered heard that high blood pressure was the silent killer in the Black community. We were told to watch how we eat. Manage our stress levels. Get ample amout of exercise in.

Now, we have a new silent killer. Depression. We are seeing an uptick of young black people taking their lives and silently dealing with anxiety and depression.

Over the years, we have become more vocal about mental health in the Black community but there is still some level of fear of talking to complete stranger about our problems.

The recent passing of Miss USA, Chelsie Kryst, sent shock waves into the community. People was surprised to hear that a women who had an amazing life was battling internal issues. Depression typically is not noticed. People will go through great lengths with you to keep the facade of happiness in the forefront.

I recently ran across an article discussing Black women and depression. The writer brought up some very good points. Please take a moment to read the article.


Remember you are never alone. Just take the first step and talk to someone.

Happy Saturday!


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