What’s Happening Wednesday: Content Creator

I have always believed that we are most like God when we are creating. When we first meet God in the Genesis account, God is creating something out of nothing. He is creating light out of darkness and man from dust. God is the ultimate artist, seeing things as they are and as they could be at the same time.

I follow quite a few artists via social media. There are singer/songwriters, comedians, writers, actors, people with podcast, and Youtube channels. I am convinced that artists make the world a better place.

I am always amazed at the quantity and quality of work these people produce. Some of them have huge followings and are making quite a bit of money. Others have yet to be discovered by the masses, but they are devoted to their craft, nonetheless.

I suppose I am among that second group. Like most creators/creatives, I needed an outlet for my creativity. Like most artists, I can see things from a different perspective. Like most artists, I create out of love, not for likes.

I think all of us who were made in the image of God share a spark of creativity. You may not be an artist in the traditional sense, but perhaps you are a master at creating a welcoming environment, or safe spaces for people to learn. Perhaps you find creative solutions for everyday problems. Whatever content you are creating, please do so in a way the Creator will be content with you.

Read Colossians 3:23-24 and let your art speak for itself.

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