Baby Notes: Mommy SnapBack Pt 2 – Food

Of course along with exercise (see last week’s post) comes healthy eating if there is any real progress to be made! Yeah and that has been a struggle too 🥴 which is crazy because I didn’t eat terribly during pregnancy but I was allowing myself to indulge a bit more. My weight gain was fine until they pumped those fluids in me for the c-section and then the postpartum recovery period right after…and the “baby fat” has remained steady since.

I was listening to the Nike trained podcast not too long ago and Alia Crum, Ph.D. Said something that peaked my interest.

When you’re eating in a mindset of sensibility or restraint, that might actually be counteracting the hard work that you’re doing to diet.

Alia Crum, Ph.D.

She then followed up with this explanation:

Solution: Eat healthy abundant food but to do so in a mindset of indulgence. Can you have a healthy food but think of it in a way that feels like it’s enough, that it’s exciting and indulgent?

Alia Crum, Ph.D.

She talked about the research that suggests mindset plays a huge role in weight loss. Researchers have shown participants’ physiological response (like change in cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.) to food based on the mindset that they had regardless of whether or not there was an actual change in the diet.

This blew my mind! I could be sabotaging my own journey by forcing myself to “eat healthier” rather than approaching it with a positive, excited mindset. I like the taste of fresh veggies and fruit, but it this preparation part that I dread. It’s so much easier to reach for some packaged or readymade or eat out — all of which contain way more calories and likely more unhealthy additions than anything I cook at home.

That podcast reminds me to find joy in eating healthy now so that I can be a good example for my boy as he begins to explore food. I want him to be open to try all kinds of healthy options and to view real, whole foods as normal.

Mama Stassi

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