Baby Notes: Mommy SnapBack Pt 1 – Fitness

I’m about 5 months postpartum and recently started back working with a personal trainer.





I’ve been working at on my own since I was cleared at my 6-week checkup, but it’s easy for me to walk or hop on the bike for a spin class or do a yoga class. I find that it is much more challenging when I’m working with the trainer because I have to push myself more. I can give up easily and pay myself on the back for just doing something when I’m working out at home. It’s a different ballgame when there is someone else in front of me.

I’m thankful to have a trainer with an excellent training staff to oversee this rehab phase of my fitness journey. I could have looked up some stuff and figured this out on my own, but why when I can work with women who are not only trained in this specific area, but who have themselves given birth and gone through a fitness rehabilitation process.

Right now the focus is on small moves to strengthen large muscle groups through moves that you typically see in Pilates. It literally feels like I’m not doing much of anything until I hit that 10th rep or so and whatever muscle group I’m working feels like it wants to detach from my body and slap me in the face. But I guess that’s how you know that you’re on the right path of rebuilding. It is not a painful, feels like I’ve hurt something sensation, but rather a surprise there’s a muscle hiding in there that’s just gotten a rude awakening and it’s gonna say hello to you for the next day or so kinda feeling!

I know I will be stronger for me and my boy on the other side!

This is one commitment that I am sticking to! SELF CARE on my terms!

Mama Stassi

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