Baby Notes: Try Something New

It’s a new year…2022…and time for some of us to learn a new lesson —- MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

Specifically around the subject of children. Whether it’s how someone is deciding to parent their child(ren), but especially regarding some woman’s body. You know what I’m talking about! These comments:

  • When are you gonna have a baby?
  • You still don’t have a baby?
  • You’re getting up there in age, you better start trying soon?
  • Y’all been married (together) for a minute, when y’all gonna have some babies?
  • Don’t let that first child get too old before you have another one.
  • When are y’all gonna give that baby a sibling?

🗣IT IS RUDE! And more importantly NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! And I don’t care who you are in relation to them nor how old you are! Being an elder or really old person means that you should know better by now, and being a relative means that you should be close enough to the person to have insider info and not need to inquire about any of those things because that person has likely shared info with you. If they didn’t it’s because they feel like it’s none of your business and y’all ain’t close like that.

But seriously, you don’t know what people are going through. Some women have had to make very early decisions to remove reproductive organs preventing them from being able to have children. Some women have illnesses or problems early in life that may have rendered them unable to have children. Some women and/or their partners struggle with infertility problems that make their journey to parenthood difficult. Some women have had to deal with multiple miscarriages, traumatic experiences or infant loss and have decided to not face trying again.

And guess what?!? You can’t tell any of this by simply looking at someone, which reinforces the notion that IT IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS.

You never know someone’s past or current struggles and if they’re not sharing it with you then you don’t have the right to question people about their personal business. Let’s be better in 2022 and allow women to mind their private business without having to answer to other people about the choices they make or circumstances concerning their bodies.

Happy New Year!

Mama Stassi

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