Baby Notes: I Resolve To…


We’re at that time again for New Year’s resolutions. Most years I focus on my vision for the year by praying and consulting with The Lord for guidance on how to build a vision board to help me stay focus. When I look at my last 2 vision boards – 2018 electronic & a scrapbook stay one in my 2021 planner – I notice a few key pieces that have been left unresolved. I will take time to reflect on them to see if they will get carried to my new list of things to focus on in 2022.

Yeah, instead of thinking in terms of resolutions and vision boards, this year I will work from a SMART Goals viewpoint and create a plan to reach those goals.

Because I’m a new mom, a huge portion of those goals are related to motherhood! I haven’t quite worked them out yet, but here’s what I’m thinking.

  • Learn sign language: I have a book & an ASL app so I will start with 2-3 productive signs and 2-3 play signs. For productive, I’m thinking Milk, Eat & Sleep. For play, Lights, Music & TV.
  • Transition baby from our bed to his crib.
  • Start Elimination Communication: I’m hoping for easy, early potty training by acclimating baby to using the potty to eliminate waste as he continues to gain stability in sitting upright.
  • Read to baby more: we have a nice little book collection and now that he is more active and inquisitive I want to start being consistent in reading to him.
  • Develop a routine: I have been living my life a bit chaotic with a lack of routine for quite some time and sheltering-in-place due to this panache has only made it worse! With both parents working full time plus me nearing my tenure submission deadline 👀 I have to figure out a routine AND BE CONSISTENT WITH IT!

Also, mommyhood is still new to me so if you have some goals that I should consider as we progress through the 5-16 month stages, then PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!!

Mama Stassi

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