Baby Notes: Vision part 3

Continuing vision planning for my boy’s future means that I have to have some adult conversations…

Legal Guardianship: My daily prayer is for God’s protection over my family’s lives. I pray for safety and protection for my boy, and also that God will allow us as parents to live long lives to see future generations. However, God gives us the wisdom to make wise decisions. One of which is to consider who would be best to care for our boy in the even that both parents are no longer around while he is a minor. This is something I wish I had thought about earlier so that the paperwork would already be done. This is definitely an area to focus on of you have minor children!

Life Insurance: I have life insurance through my job, but I’ve only needed the minimum amount to make sure my family could take care of my final expenses if something happened to me. However, now I have to consider life insurance in a different way. It’s no longer about taking care of my final expenses, but also about filling in the gap for lost income to take care of my boy if I’m no longer here to earn. That’s a whole new ballgame of numbers to calculate!

It’s hard to have these conversations, but they are needed. I’d rather rest in the peace that my boy will be well taken care of should anything happen to me than constantly worry about the what ifs!

Mama Stassi

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