What’s Happening Wednesday: Preparing for Miracles

I am fascinated by everything related to Christmas. I love looking at the lights and candles in the windows. I love the colors, the sounds, and sights of the holiday season. I especially love the food. But more than anything, I am captivated by the Christmas story.

I don’t think any other character in the Bible captures my imagination more than Mother Mary. What a journey she had! But today, i want to focus how she prepared for her miracle.

First, she asked a question. “How will this happen?”, she asked the angel. And without hesitation, the angel answered her. I believe that asking questions is the beginning of faith for many people. Do not be afraid to ask. God will reveal the answers you need in due time.

Secondly, she was a willing participant in the miracle. Certainly, God doesn’t need us to make miracles happen, but he is always looking for humanity to partner with him. When God parted the Red Sea, he asked Moses to play a part. When the walls of Jericho came tumbling down, God sought the active participation of the entire nation of Israel. When God chose an unusual way to save the world, he picked a young girl from Galilee. She said yes, and the world has never been the same. ”Let it be unto me, as you have said”. I believe this is one of the most powerful prayers in the book.

Next, she sought wise counsel. She went to her cousin Elizabeth, who was in the midst of her own miracle. She and Elizabeth encouraged one another, as they both marveled at what God was doing.

Finally, Mary sang a song. The miracle God promised had yet to arrive, but Mary was already praising God for it, because she knew it was on the way.

So, that’s it. When preparing to receive your miracle:

  1. Pay attention to what’s in front of you, and don’t be afraid to investigate further.
  2. Believe what God has said.
  3. Seek wise counsel.
  4. Praise God in advance.

God, we thank you for the miracles we have yet to see, but that you have already set in motion. Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you to make a little bit more of heaven come to earth.


One thought on “What’s Happening Wednesday: Preparing for Miracles

  1. I love this. Too many people believe that faith means that we should act without questioning and that’s just so so not how I think people truly grow closer to the Lord. God seeks communion with us. Communion is the “sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings”. That’s not just casual talk, ya know. Of course there are going to be questions in the mix. I also think there’s a lot that gets missed in this story about the expectation God sets for how women are to be cared for and how we are to care for one another. Thank you for sharing this today.


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