Baby Notes: Vision part 2

As part of my revelations on Vision, this week I’m sharing some of my thoughts on preparing for future generations.

I grew up with me and mom for a big chunk of my developmental years. She was thrust into a single parent role and sacrificed so much for me. Somehow I recognized the struggle and sacrifice early on and I adjusted my childhood wants and expectations as much as I could. I say all of that to say that we lived paycheck-to-paycheck and I knew that I didn’t want that life when I was an adult. While mom did the best that she knew how to do, I understand that the limitations of what she was able to teach me financially were in place because she wasn’t taught.

Mom taught me that credit cards and debt were bad and that you should always pay your bills…on time. I watched her juggle money around to make sure we had everything we needed while also hitting my older siblings when they needed help. So she inadvertently taught me how to budget. Through her prayers and outward expressions of thanksgiving, I understood that our needs were always met because of God.

I didn’t learn anything about business or investments or taxes or diversification in saving. These are all lessons that I’ve had to learn on my own and those that I am seeking more clarification about so I can teach my son. A lot of the nuances in these lessons are gems passed down through generations in “other” families. But I’m having to seek out understanding so that I can pass it down to my son.

Financial Stability is part of the Vision that I have for my boy. This includes financial freedom because I want him to be able to pursue his dreams without a financial ceiling placed on him. I want to understand that he really can do whatever it is that he wants to explore doing and that financially he will be taken care of in his pursuits. I hope to release the burden of money worries from his future.

Mama Stassi

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