Speak Saturdays: Learning To Appreciate the Word No

I will be honest. My least favorite word in the English language is no. I understand why the word is used but I don’t like to hear it when I make a request.

I remember when I decided to leave my job working for the church. I finally received a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. I knew it was time to move on because I’ve gotten too comfortable where I was at. I applied for so many jobs. And every update received said no.

Then one day I got a yes. I applied for jobs at this company at least fifteen times. I was thankful someone finally took a chance on me.

I am learning that it is okay to hear the word no. I’m allowing myself to feel the disappointment but not sit in that disappointment too long. Once I get my emotions in check, I look at the big picture as to why I received the no. Sometimes we are so hasty to leave our situation that we don’t analyze if the new situation would be any better.

The word no is not going away. Just heard it a few days ago on an opportunity I thought might have opened for me.

But taking a step back I realized that was another good no that I received.

Happy Saturday!


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