What’s Happening Wednesday: Unremarkable Miracles

I was listening in on a prayer call last week, when someone used the phrase ”unremarkable miracles”. It stopped me in my tracks. How can any miracle be unremarkable? I think about the Red Sea being parted and the resurrection, and I wonder how any one could use the word ”unremarkable” to describe them.

When God steps in and supernaturally changes the order of things, the whole world ought to take notice. We all know about manna from heaven, and the virgin birth. But what about the miracles that happen in our own lives? We tell the Christmas story, and the Easter story every year. And yes, those are extraordinary miracles. But we rarely tell the story of the miracles in our own lives. The problem then, isn’t that our miracles, are unremarkable, it’s that we have failed to retell them. I reassure you that what you might think is unremarkable is the exact story someone else needs to hear today.

Today, I pray that we recognize the miracles in our own lives, and that we are not afraid to retell them.

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