Baby Notes: Vision part 1

I have been on my own for as long as I can remember. There’s a big gap between my age and the rest of my siblings so I spent a lot of time alone growing up. I spent a lot of time at different aunts’ houses as well, with cousins close to my age than my siblings, but it wasn’t the same and I felt alone a lot of the time. However, this upbringing taught me to be Independent early on and that has carried over into my adult life. I spent many years living alone and moving from city to city. However, with a fiancé and now an infant I’m learning to make room for others in my daily routines. Perhaps the most important new thought as a new mommy for new has been the need to think about a financial future for my boy.


Each year’s end I spend time reflecting on the year and I began praying for the upcoming new year. I usually ask God for direction and plan for the next year. Last year the word I got was BIRTHING. But my human mind didn’t take it for face value. I had BEEN praying about marriage and motherhood, but apparently didn’t fully believe or trust God because I rationalized the word I got into Fruitful. My vision for 2021 was Fruitfulness in all areas of my life in terms of finally bringing to fruition some seeds that had been planted a while ago. For me, that was mostly focused on work related stuff and fitness goals. I didn’t imagine that God actually meant I would be Fruitful and Multiply or literally give Birth this year.

So this year as I reflect on the blessing of my son, I am also thinking about a vision for next year for our family as well as preparing for future years to come for my son.

Mama Stassi

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