Baby Notes: Road-tripping with an infant – 3 month old cloth diaper edition

Our most recent travel adventure was a road trip from Louisiana to Georgia…and our boy is now 3 months old.

Recap – last month we did this same route with a 2 month old and he slept most of the trip. He pretty much only woke up to be changed and fed, and we traveled in disposables diapers even though we had transitioned into cloth diapers during the daytime.

This time baby boy did NOT sleep the entire trip 🙃 and I could tell that he was way more alert. We ended up stopping to take more breaks at rest stops so that he could get out of his car seat for a moment. He seemed to have a fascination with the trees and stared a lot at himself in the baby mirror.

We have been in cloth diapers full time at home for a few weeks and so there were no disposables. Therefore, I packed up almost 30 cloth pocket diapers plus laundry detergent for our holiday travel. I put 5 and some wipes in the diaper bag and the rest in our suitcase in the back.

Our boy – who usually poops 💩 once per day or every other day – decided that our 7-hour road-trip would be the moment that he would begin 💩 for EVERY DIAPER CHANGE. I mean EVERYONE OF THEM HAD 💩 IN THEM. So, our trip took about 9 hours after stopping several times to clean up the boy. If we weren’t committed to cloth diapering then this first part of our trip probably would have ran us away (although his dad did purchase disposables once we reached our destination 🙃)!

Let’s see how the rest of the holidays go!

Mama Stassi

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