Time Management: Give It a Deadline

Time Management: Give It a Deadline

So many times when I’ve wanted to procrastinate or drag my feet on a goal, I’ve had to give myself a deadline.  Giving yourself a deadline places an end date on when you want to have something done.  It provides a concrete time frame to get things done.  It can be a major motivating tool to accomplishing goals.  

When I write a book, I give myself a deadline so I can work diligently towards completing it.  Everyday, I have to spend time working on it or I won’t finish in time.  It’s an accountability measure.  

Next time, you find yourself wavering and not feeling motivated to finish, set a deadline.  Give yourself something to work towards.  Push yourself every day or every week to get closer to the finish line.  

 ~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is an author, speaker, life coach and business executive who is passionate about helping others get unstuck. She hosts a weekly beyond stuck podcast and has written seven inspirational books. Connect with Coletta at info@moveu4ward.com. 

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