What’s Happening Wednesday: The Gift Exchange

I bought my first Christmas gift yesterday. It wasn’t a toy for the kids, or a gadget for the hubby. It was something for a woman I have never met.

For the last two years, I have participated in a secret Santa exchange with a group of people that I only know through our virtual book club. This year, there are over three hundred participants in the gift exchange. Each person is told to make a wishlist. The lists are available for everyone to see. You can purchase directly from the list, or you can use the list for inspiration. Anyway, on a given date in December, we’ll do a Zoom call and watch as we all open our gifts together.

Some people get exactly what they asked for. Others are surprised. It’s kind of like our spiritual gifts. Some of us cherish our gifts and put them on full display, while others haven’t quite figured out what to do with what we received.

The thing about the spiritual gift exchange is that the gifts we receive are for the benefit of the entire body. They are not just for ourselves. These gifts are to be shared with the world.

Maybe you didn’t get the gift you think you wanted. But you certainly have a gift that is needed for the edification of the group. How will you choose to share your gifts today?

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