Baby Notes: Road-tripping with an infant – 2 month old

Just a few short days after our first flight with baby boy, we hit the road so that my family could meet my boy. This is a trip that’s approximately 7 hours without stops. I packed the diaper bag with a few diapers, wipes and bottles with water for use in the back seat. Everything else was in the suitcase in the trunk. In summary, just like our plane travel, our boy slept most of the trip. He woke up when he was hungry and at that point we would pull into a truck stop to change and feed him. The entire trip was uneventful, thankfully! It was this way both legs of our trip. However, there a few items that we used quite a bit at home that I should have packed for the road trip!

What we should’ve taken???

  • Portable bassinet – We have a pack ‘n play that contains a changing table and portable bassinet that we use all day everyday. I completely forgot that the bassinet is portable with its own travel bag. 🤦🏾‍♀️ It will travel with us any time we hit the road in the future because that’s where he takes most of his naps throughout the day. It will also prevent my mom from holding him ALL day…
  • Video monitor – I also forgot that the video baby monitor that I selected is portable! It detaches from its tall stand to go into a smaller base that I can take with me along with the handheld device (or the app on my phone). This helps when baby is napping in unfamiliar places so that I can keep an eye on him without being tethered to him.
  • Infant lounger – One of our new items for daily use at home is an infant lounger. I needed a seat for the baby to sit in so that I wouldn’t be the one holding him. One of these loungers is needed at my mom’s house for the same reason as the bassinet…so she won’t hold him all day lol since we have gotten him used to not being in our arms all day long.

I really should have packed these items, but this was our first road trip and I was so focused on having enough diapers and formula. I’m starting to get the hang of this whole traveling with an infant thing so be on the look out for more baby adventures!

Mama Stassi

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