Speak Saturdays: Don’t Mess With Dads

I will admit as a 38 year old adult that I still have a healthy fear of my father. Not in a bad way but I understand that he requires a certain level of respect from me and will correct me, in love, when he needs to.

I’m sure by now you have all heard about the Dads On Duty story out of Louisiana.

If not check, click the link to see the story: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dads-louisiana-high-school-student-violence/

First glance of the story would make you turn your head. It begins with students fighting in a school setting but the rainbow emerges as you continue reading.

Fathers, black fathers at that, decided their presence was needed on campus. These fathers came together as a collective unit to help with a problem.

Let me tell you why this story fascinated me so much:

  • The world got see the power of Black fathers. Our community knows this narrative to be true.
  • Parents offered a solution and did not blame the schools for the problem it was facing.
  • The male presence was there.
  • The children understood that you don’t mess with dad
  • A village emerged.

I was so glad media showed what our community has known; Black fathers are amazing and want only excellence for their children.

Happy Saturday!!


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