Baby Notes: Air Travel (2 month old edition)

Our baby boy rode a plane the other day. At the time he was about 9 weeks old and we were still in the panache. Since he was well under 2 years old we didn’t have to worry about mask wearing for him, but the adults had to wear masks during the entire air travel experience and I tried to keep him covered up as much as possible. I read a few blog posts before traveling and here are a few things that helped make our traveling smooth.

Note: This was a midrange domestic extended weekend trip for us that included a hotel stay and rental car.

Checked luggage: we paid to check a bag that included clothes, toiletries and shoes for all three of us in one bag. Yes, I could’ve easily done a carry on for me and baby and then dad would’ve had his own carry on but he knew he would be stuck maneuvering with bags so he said he had to check one.

Food – I prepared 4 4-oz bottles and 2 2-oz bottles with nursery water only and packed the formula in pre-measured containers. I also tossed in 2 empty bottles just in case there was a delay somewhere or if the bag was lost. This made it so much easier to dump powder in and shake. Side note: our boy has been on room temperature formula from the start. He only gets warm milk when there’s been a bottle in the frig for some reason or if his tummy is bothering him. I also took a microwaveable steam bag for the bottles and made sure our hotel room had a microwave. Our checked bag contained about 4 more bottles plus a few more cans of formula to last the weekend.

Diapers – I packed about 10 in the diaper bag and around 30 in the checked luggage. We have transitioned to cloth during the day at home and disposables at night, but I didn’t want the hassle of flying for the first time AND dealing with cloth diapers. One struggle at a time!

Clothes – we’re not big on clothes in our house lol so call before you stop by to visit! So, 2 footed, zippered pjs, 2 long sleeved onesies, and 2 “outfits” is what he got. Plus 2 onesies in the carry on diaper bag.

Dr. Bronners pure castle soap unscented – I put some unscented soap in a travel bottle because it can be used for a variety of purposes from hand washing bottles or laundry to making cleaning solutions or using as body wash or hand soap. It is a great versatile solution.

We used everything except one of his outfits since one day we were in the hotel room all day and didn’t need to change him. We purchased nursery water when we arrived at our destination.

Mama Stassi

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