Baby Notes: Up, Up & Away We Go

My boy done rode a plane!

Picture it!

Baton Rouge 2021

We were 90 minutes from the time we needed to leave home to make the hour long drive to the “big airport.” We both had been awake ALL DAY working and doing last minute prep for our trip. I had just showered and as I rocked a fussy baby to sleep, it hit me like a ton of bricks!

“Oh Shit?! I’m about to fly for the first time in almost a year, we’re STILL in a panorama AND I’M DOING IT WITH A TWO MONTH OLD.”

It was this moment that I began to question my life choices! I mean I felt like a rookie traveler in the moment! “Is there enough gas in the car to make it to the airport? Where is my ID? Where is my mask?”

I had to RELEARN how to travel yall!


My boy was a real travel OG! He slept through two airports and two flights, but that rental car line tested his gangsta. He started to get antsy while we were in line and totally flipped out as soon as we reached the car. I ain’t even mad at him. It was a very early and seemingly long day. He was a model citizen in public, but as soon as we were behind closed doors…literally! On the return journey, the baby was awake a little in the morning, but he did a great job traveling.

So I learned that my baby is ready to travel the world with me. We are in for some great times!!

Mama Stassi

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