So What’s Next?

Okay y’all. I didn’t make the cut for the semi-finals of the Who’s Got Next competition; however, y’all made me smile big time with all of your words of encouragement. And as promised, I’m not done.

So here’s what’s next…

MartaGwyn Productions is continuing to grow and every one of you can still help us along the way in several different ways.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Join the Patreon for as little as $5/month and directly support our community of content creators on as well as new shows being developed on Patreon gets special behind the scenes and bonus content. IJS

Join at

2. Help us build up our FanBase if you groove with that community.

Join at

3. Make a one time gift of support via CashApp and be sure to include “MartaGwyn Productions” in the notes so that I can properly thank you. While all amounts are appreciated please note that they are NOT tax deductible.

4. Money isn’t the only way you can support (though it really really really helps) 😁 You know how a bunch of people say LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE over and over again? Let me tell you why so you can really support me and the other content creators you enjoy.

We creators become attractive to brands and get offers for paid opportunities based on your likes, shares and comments. The more you watch, click thumbs up and comment, the more you help us earn the money we need to do this work we love. Without your active participation, it’s really hard for us to get paid. So just click like as soon as you pull up a video by someone you like and leave a comment real quick like “Great video” or “Thanks for sharing” if you don’t have a lot of time.

Now let me talk about this SUBSCRIBE situation right quick. YouTube changed its rules awhile back and made it MUCH harder for creators to monetize their channels (make money from their content). We now have to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours over a years time to even apply for the YouTube partnership money. At present I have 138 subscribers and 593 watch hours for this year. Also, once we get into the partnership program we need y’all to watch the ads sometimes cause that how we get paid. You can mute them and go load the dishwasher but let them play through please and thank you.

Subscribing and watching doesn’t cost you a dime and I really need both so I can monetize my channel this year (2021).

So Why Do I Need Money To Create Stuff?

Well, because I believe in paying people and I’m building a production and creative team. I can’t and don’t want to do everything myself. I want to work with lots of interesting and diverse people to help them get their projects made whether they be blogs, books or blockbusters. I’m making jobs and helping people work in their passions. So yeah, I need to be able to pay them. I have some amazing young people who want to work with me and I’m excited to watch them learn and grown in their filmmaking talent especially.

Thank y’all again for your willingness to rally for the competition. I hope you will be even more excited about the direct ways you can help me push this vision.

For my Tougaloo Family: It’s not just me, I have a bunch of us working in TheWRITEaddiction so help me show them some love. ❤️💙❤️💙

For my other #HBCU fam we got summa y’all represented up in here too. And Ima be blunt, there aren’t a lot of friendly and supportive spaces for us to pursue our creative and artistic endeavors in a way that fits our busy lives which is why I created TheWRITEaddiction. I want to grow this community of support and I am going to grow it and I’d love to have your help in funding and recruiting talented writers and content creators to come in and do what they do WITH SUPPORT.

For my fellow Heartlanders, my neighbors in Middle America. We telling and sharing our stories in this space a whole lot. Not every good story has to be set back East or out West. We need your support too.

For my ladies, I know you see there’s a lot of feminine energy up in this space (no disrespect to our guys) and I also know you know we often put these types of projects on our backs and drag them to success. We’re working to improve that model and promote healthier work strategies and environments in the creative economy. Please help as you can.

Thank you all and I am so excited to be on and sharing this journey with you.

Love Always,

MartaGwyn and the Gang

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