Baby Notes – #boymom National Sons Day

The other day I saw all of those posts about National daughters day so I looked up the equivalent for sons. On social media all of these different days to celebrate various relationships in our lives pretty much equate to posting pictures of people. I wanted to have something smart to say based on the intent of the day so I looked up the meaning.

Apparently National sons day was founded by Jill Nico in 2018 and is officially March 4 although also celebrated on September 28. It appears as if it was linked to the #metoo movement and the fall of so many high profile men from allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse. It looks as if the purpose of the national day is to have conversations with boys about respecting themselves and girls as well as balancing strength with emotional intelligence.

For me, I don’t need a day to do this because my son will be raised to model his father and the other strong black men in my life. His father respects women and abhors injustice of any kind, including the oppression of women. He has raised 2 daughters to love themselves and the care that he takes to validate them and their feelings is more than admirable. I know that my son will be raised with solid morals and compassion.


Mama Stassi

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