What’s Happening Wednesday: Basketball Cards and Bibles

I’ve spent a lot of time these last few days sitting in front of my TV, watching stories about basketball in the 1990s. I started with Netflix’s Malice at the Palace, and then started binge-watching the Last Dance. I was basketball crazy in the 1990s. Watching these stories reminded me how much I used to love the sport. I enjoyed seeing the familiar faces, but I also noticed how different they looked from the last time I saw them. Guys who I once thought were superheroes seem a lot more human. Some of my favorite players aged very well. Others did not. I thought i knew the stories behind some of the team rivalries. These shows reminded me that I knew very little.

It occurred to me that I have a bunch of basketball cards in this house, and my guess is that some of them are probably worth a decent amount. That binder full of basketball cards isn’t the only valuable book in my house that deserves a second look. Just like those basketball documentaries reminded me of my love of the game, the Bible reminds me of God’s love for me, and God’s command that I love other people. The biblical characters and stories I learned as a child look a lot different to me as an adult. The stories haven’t changed, but my perspective has.

I revisit Bible stories often, and i always find something new. Today, i want you to revisit an old story that you think you know. I pray that you find new value, and new insight into those old stories. I pray that God reveals himself to you in new ways.

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