Baby Notes – Grace

It ain’t perfect, it’s not pretty, but it’s us!

John Harbaugh

The Sunday evening football game between the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs was a nail biter! It was so close throughout and went all the way down until the last minute when the Ravens were able to recover a fumble and get a first down to secure the 1 point victory. There is a video clip on the Ravens’ IG page of the head coach talking to the team in the locker room after the game. In the clip he starts by saying “it ain’t perfect, it’s not pretty, but it’s us.”

THAT hit my spirit!


This statement describes this first month of motherhood perfectly! I went into this journey with full expectation of giving myself grace and keeping myself as flexible as possible. Breastfeeding was one of my parenting goals. My milk supply is still nowhere near at a level to actually feed my baby, and there have been various bumps in the road on this journey. However, my baby is fed and his weight growth is evidence of his greediness at this age 😂

Cloth diapering was another one of my parenting goals. We have been supported fully on this journey by family and friends. People purchased cloth diapers for us from the baby registries and we have more than enough to get us started. However, with circumcision and waiting for the umbilical cord the come off my plan was to start in disposables. Also, I didn’t really anticipate my baby being a little shrimp at birth and then losing a little more than the 10% so he was too small for most of the cloth diapers. Thankfully, a friend sent us a huge box of newborn diapers that have lasted us until baby gained enough weight to start trying out cloth diapering.

I share all of this to say that our journey thus far hasn’t been perfect or pretty. We are definitely not 100% breastfed or cloth diapered. But this is our journey. We are doing what is working for us and slowly adjusting to what we want to do as each day goes by.

Mama Stassi

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