Day 19 – The One When I Met My Goal

Some of you may have been following me on social media through my 50 Mile September Challenge to raise money for cancer research. Well, yesterday I finished my first 50 miles. When I started this I didn’t think I would knock this out in 19 days but I’m so glad I did.

I did this one for me. Now, I think I’ll do another 50 miles for my Grandmother who battled cancer several times before she went on to be with my Granddaddy. Thank you to all who have given and if you haven’t yet, come on and help me get this next 50 miles tied to some more money for cancer research.

Cancer sucks! Let’s do something about it.

Marta is an award winning filmmaker, writer and producer committed to sharing the rich and complex stories of America’s Heartland region.  Marta wears several hats as Chief Creative-in-Charge of MartaGwyn Productions, LLC as well as the Co-Founder and Senior Grant Writer of Youngblood and Associates, LLC and Chief Operations Officer of Marta Collier Educational Systems and Services, LLC.

Marta is also the founder and editor-in-chief of TheWRITEaddiction.  An online community of writers that publish creative and inspirational works daily at

Marta is an alumna of The Ohio State University and Tougaloo College with degrees in Sociology and English-Journalism and resides in Little Rock, Arkansas, with her husband and unconventional college sweetheart of 10 years, Terrance Youngblood.

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