What’s Happening Wednesday: Total Recall

California’s recall election is headline news across the nation. Gavin Newsom’s position as governor was in danger. the political implications for Democrats was dire. If Newsom had lost, it would have been considered a referendum on mask mandates and school shutdowns, Governor Newsom was an early adopter of both.

California is no stranger to recall elections. That’s how action star Arnold Schwarzenegger wound up in the governor’s mansion. This time around the top contender was a conservative talk radio show host. Maybe Californians have an affinity for celebrities. Maybe we all do.

But recalls don’t only apply to elections. Recalls can also applies to consumer products. Product recalls can occur on things as small as baby food, and as large as motor vehicles. A product recall is usually the result of finding some shortcoming or defect of the product. they are considered to be bad for the company’s bottom line.

But recalling things should not always have a negative connotation. When I am feeling sad, i recall the words from hymns long ago. When I feel lost and overwhelmed, I remember a verse that says I am fearfully and wonderfully made. When my head is hung low, i recall my grandmother’s voice telling me to look up. I, too, look to the stars in moments of crisis. But i also look beyond the stars to the One who created them.

What do you need to recall today? Whose voice do you need to remember? I pray that your recall is successful, and leads to progress you have not yet imagined.

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