Baby Notes – Sleep for Mama

If you haven’t checked out my other notes, then hello! I’m Stassi a late 30s first time mom of a sweet baby boy. Over the years, I’ve played an instrumental role in co-raising my younger half siblings as well as some nieces and nephews, but none of that prepared me for this pregnancy or new mommy journey.

In the first week of my baby’s life, sleep eluded me. I would stay up all night just to make sure my baby was still breathing, even while still in the hospital! But by the time we reached the one week mark, my body was sending red flags 🚩 indicating that I NEEDED sleep. Now I rest well at night and there are three major contributors to that peaceful sleep.

  1. I’m a Christian and I had to go back to scripture for reminders. I know this baby is a miracle from God, and I had to stand in Faith that my God will protect my child. In other times when I am not able to sleep, I would read and remind myself that God gives rest to His loved ones (Psalms 127:2). Most recently when I’ve focused on that scripture I ended up looking at verse 3 which says that children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him. These two being so close reminds me that God gifted me this child and that part of my responsibility to this child is to get rest.
  2. Owlet sleep sock. I HAVE SLEPT PEACEFULLY FROM THE FIRST NIGHT WE PUT ON THE SOCK! During pregnancy, I researched various baby tech that monitors heart rate, oxygen levels, breathing rate, movement, temperature, sounds, etc. but I talked myself out of needing to get any of it. I’m a scientist and I thought I was overdoing it with my obsession with data. However, after a number of people I know personally mentioned that they used the sock and it helped calmed their anxiety, I decided to go for it. The owlet monitors heart rate and oxygen levels. I am not fixated on the numbers and understand that there’s a chance for false alerts, but knowing that the monitor is there at night contributes to a level of calmness for me.
  3. Support. I can’t imagine being a single mom at home solo with a brand new baby while trying to recover from a c-section, which is a major surgical procedure. I’m so thankful for the support that I have at home! My fiancé/baby daddy has been absolutely amazing with his son. Also, one of my besties was here for two weeks and now my mom is here with us. Those extra sets of hands have been a blessing to me as a first time mom. Oh and I’m sure papa is happy too, especially since mom has been cooking since she’s been here so we are getting home cooked meals instead of buying outside food. Basically, we have help, and the extra help in the house allows me more space to rest and recover!

As I approach the one month mark of being a new mommy, I’m most thankful for sleep! Prayer, baby monitoring technology, and extra hands of support in our home have all contributed to my ability to rest and I have been on the road to complete recovery with no issues this far!

Mama Stassi

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