Speak Saturdays: 9/11

September 11, 2001, I was a freshman on the campus of Mississippi Valley State University. I was heading to my biology class. Running late as usual with my friend Joann trying to find a park behind the building.

We always listened to Tom Joyner Morning Show as we were headed to class. If you remember that radio show then you know they were hilarious and making some off the wall jokes. I remember as we were getting out the car someone on the show said they have hit the twin towers. I was thinking to myself they have gone to far with the joking this morning.

Little did I know it wasn’t a joke. Class was over and we decided to head back to the dorms since we had some downtime between classes. I remember walking into College Hall and it being eerily quiet.

I stopped by Joann’s room first and her roommate was glued to the TV. The twin towers really had been hit. It wasn’t a joke. Someone really planned a terrorist attack on US soil.

I was 18 years old at that time. First time being away from home and sitting in a dorm room hearing about attacks on American soil. Fear gripped in the most indescribable way. Would it be safe to move around? Will I ever get on an airplane after this? Will my dad have to go back in the army?

Today marks 20 years since that eventful day. Please take a moment and say prayer for those who were affected directly by this senseless act. Prayer for families who lost love ones and those who were the first responders.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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