Speak Saturdays: What Made Me Smile This Week?

As you know, I work in a behavioral health clinic. Each week, we have doc day. This is time when the kiddos come in and make sure the medications being taken are working properly.

Part of my responsibility is to take the vitals of each kid that comes to see the doctor. This is the highlight of my day. It provide me with an opportunity to ask each kid how they are doing and these conversations tickle me each and every time.

School started back on August 16th. Every kid that I saw on doc day was TIRED. It’s only been one week. Of course, I laughed at each of them because they were all dramatic in their responses.

I don’t recall being this dramatic when school started. I remember excitement. I remember getting to wear my new outfit.

What are your memories of back to school? What made you smile this week?

Happy Saturday!!


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