What’s Happening Wednesday: New Variants

COVID-19 is scary. It was scary when we initially heard about it in the beginning of 2020, though experts now suspect that the virus may have reached American shores as early as the late fall of 2019.

The virus is even scarier now, as it changes, grows, and mutates. The new variants can be more contagious, and possibly more deadly. The vaccines we have don’t fully protect against infection. While medical experts agree that the vaccine is saving lives, people who have received their recommended shots can still be infected and infect others.

Faith is supposed to be like that, too. It is supposed to change and grow stronger, as our circumstances do. It is supposed to be infectious and spread throughout the community, even to people who have their defenses up.

I do not consider myself to be an evangelist. I don’t go through life trying to convert anybody. (I’m doing the best I can to maintain my own faith.) But I do try to live in such a way that my faith is evident. Sometimes all it takes is exposure to the faithful to convert the faithless.

How has your faith changed over the years? Is it contagious? Who might have been exposed to it?

Today, I pray that your faith is stronger than when you first believed. I also pray that you do whatever you need to do to protect yourself from this virus. Faith alone is not enough. Works are required, too!

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