Baby Notes – A Scheduled C.

The beauty of a scheduled C-section is being able to choose baby’s birth date and know when it will happen. There are no labor surprises or guessing games as to when baby will come. Scheduling my baby’s birth date afforded me the opportunity to countdown to the day and enjoy each day. I got to reflect on what each number meant to me and how various experiences over the years truly impacted my life.

His scheduled arrival allowed me to work until the night before. No, I wouldn’t recommend this by any means but I did what I had to do considering he was scheduled at the end of the first week of Fall 2021 classes. I was able to prepare each of my classes and shift my syllabi and course assignment schedule to accommodate his birth.

I thrive on scheduled time to maximize my productivity and this birth was at the top of the list. I even do my best to schedule in unstructured time for my own self care.

Now, only if I can schedule baby’s sleep 😳😬🤣


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