Speak Saturdays: Right or Privilege?

When I started working on my Masters in Healthcare Administration, one question kept popping up in all my classes. “Is health-care a right or privilege?”

At first, my response was always it’s a right. We do live in America where we have access to an abundance of resources. As I dove deeper in into my program, my thoughts changed. Healthcare in America is a privilege.

I polled a couple of my friends and their sentiments were all the same. Healthcare is a privilege. And the recent pandemic has shown us our true weak spots. I mean you have healthcare professionals not wanting to treat Covid patients if they haven’t been vaccinated. But that is a conversation for another day.

One response I received was intriguing to me. My friend stated the following:

“The current US structure is a scam because we focus on reactive health measures instead of preventative ones. When you throw in insurance policies, it doesn’t make sense for a team of untrained medical professionals to decide what standard and course of care you need.”

All of us have dealt with healthcare in some area of our life. Do you think it’s a right or a privilege?

Happy Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Speak Saturdays: Right or Privilege?

  1. Privilege for sure. But the amount of money that big pharma is making and the drive behind big economics has made this muddy waters. It obviously takes money to run healthcare and I want your healthcare workers to be paid well. But what we are seeing from pharma is not what we need for the good of the people. Greed is ruining the better good of people’s health.

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