Party of 3 (x 2)

Do you ever countdown to something that is really special to you? Well, that’s what I’ve been doing for weeks now and we’re finally in “the home stretch!!” It’s so exciting when you have a special event with a specific day and time circled on your calendar well in advance and you get closer and closer to that event. The nervous anticipation continues to buildup.

For us it’s a reservation for a party of 3. Like Beyoncé said, “I’m trying to make 3, from the 2 because you’re the one.” Well, it’s been the two of us…kinda…for a few years but now we have to get ready for the third one to arrive. I have to admit that we’ve been counting down for a while now and it felt like the weeks were so far away until the point in which we were able to switch from weeks to days. But seeing the days go by doesn’t really make the time of waiting any better. This has definitely been a lesson in Patience. A lesson in understanding that there is a process that cannot be rushed. A process that needs to take every moment allotted to it in order for the best outcome to be reached. How many times have you faced situations that you’ve tried to rush only to realize that the outcome is much better once you allow it to “run its course.”

This reminds me of the path to PhD. I wanted to rush it. I wanted to finish as quick as possible. I even considered accelerating into the PhD program from my MS, which would’ve meant me skipping the MA thesis and defense stage to continue straight to PhD; however, God had different plans for me. The path that was for me required me to complete and defend the thesis, and then do the paperwork and process to renter the SAME university, the SAME program, the SAME department and the SAME research lab to start a brand new PhD project. This seemingly redundant path refined my graduate level academic writing and presentation skills and set me up to get training in areas that I still use to this day. I could’ve skipped the MS completely, but patiently going through the process taught me so much more.

Now back to my party of 3…times 2. After a couple of previous relationships, I decided I didn’t want to be with a man who had children. I wanted to be the focus within the relationship and I definitely didn’t want to deal with any baby mama drama, child support or crazy court ordered visitation issues. HOWEVER, as usually, I guess God didn’t get my memo, because this man has not one…not two…but THREE KIDS. Thankfully they are all adults so God heard my requests and showed me that He could meet the desires of my heart while throwing a money wrench into the mix. These adult kids are all loving and have been absolutely wonderful to me, and I’m excited to watch them with their little brother.

My season of waiting patiently and trusting in God’s Word and Promise has propelled me from a Party of One to a Party of Three + Three and I’m one happy mama 😁


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