Compliment or Insult

Often times people are well meaning but say things that are just rude and not called for under any circumstance. some times these comments can leave you thinking should I be offended or thankful?

A close sister-friend recently announced to the world (ie social media) that she got married, and I saw a comment that triggered me.

“I never thought I’d see the day.”

This was triggering because it made me recall all of the side comments I’ve heard since announcing my pregnancy. It’s crazy how people will say things not knowing the impact it could have or even the back story of the person. For instance, maybe this newly married person had been through difficult relationships in the past and had lost hope in marriage. Or perhaps this person had long desired to be married and just never met a man who equally desired that type of covenant. Maybe this person “never thought she’d see the day” either…

In my case, I struggled between “never thinking I’d see the day” and standing on God’s Promise of Marriage and Motherhood. Since announcing my pregnancy, I’ve heard many people make related comments…jokingly. Some folks have even thrown in comments like they thought I was too selfish for children or too old and my time had passed me by or uninterested in ever having children – all without me prompting any desire for comments, of course. However, what’s interesting is these comments came all while I have been earnestly praying and trying my best to remain hopeful. I genuinely didn’t know whether my body was capable of conception or carrying a growing baby, but along with my prayer partners we had been praying over my womb for years.

In both of these cases, these comments are usually directed at women like we’re able to move forward in marriage or motherhood solo. It’s interesting how much we endure these types of interactions with people, especially as we get older in life. I still don’t know whether to take these types of comments as complimenting or insulting, but I’ve just decided to continue to live my life and thank God for His timing.

Soon-to-Be BabyAmi,


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