Speak Saturdays: It’s A Celebration!!!

TheWRITEaddiction celebrated its 8th year this week. One word AMAZING. This platform created by our fearless leader, Marta Collier Youngblood, has showcased a number of talented writers over the years and birthed some amazing content.

I remember when I asked to join. Marta and I was having a phone conversation so she couldn’t see the side eye I was giving her. I don’t think of myself of a writer. To this day, I still couldn’t really tell you what type of writer I am.

I often feel out of place among this cohort of talented people but I’ve stucked with it. I enjoy seeing what my writers bring to the table each week. Their thoughts and perspectives are amazing to see in print.

For those of you reading this blog today….THANK YOU.

Thanks for the support. For the likes. For sharing. I look forward to bringing you more content and seeing TheWRITEaddition truly become a household name.

Happy Saturday!!


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