Fiction Friday: Summer Rain (Part 2)

The party was in full swing by the time we arrived at the little house a block away from the main campus. Erica, Charles, Robert, and Tameka completed our little tribe.

“Dang, girl, you weren’t lying about this party!” Robert raised his hand for a high five which Natasha ignored.

“Fool please…get away from me.” She flicked her hand, “Go mingle, I see some white girls over there. Go indulge in your bad taste.”

I chuckled. The only reason Robert got to hang with us is because he and Erica were tight. Tasha took an instant dislike to him, which I found entertaining and hilarious.

“Leave him alone girl. He just got to get it out his system before we gotta go back to school. He can’t get no play at school until he pledges.”

Robert pushed Erica as he was walking away and we all laughed—except, of course, Erica.

“Girl forget him,” I said. “We need drinks.” I turned to my summer bestie, “You see your guy?”

Tasha was scanning the room, “There he is,” she waved at a very tall, very handsome gentleman who was walking towards us.

“Damn,” Tameka muttered. We exchanged looks. Okay! That was an understatement.

“Tash,” Beautiful tall man said, voice sounding like music. “Glad y’all came.”

“Hey Brian. I told you we were coming. Meet my girls, Tameka, Sherri and Erica.” Tameka flirted, I waved. I don’t know what Erica did but I thought I heard a grunt. Tasha turned to Charles and introduced him and they did the standard black man handshake.

“What’s everybody drinking?” Brian asked.

“You tell us,” Tameka answered, laying it on thick. I checked Tasha. I couldn’t tell if she was annoyed or not. Her face was a mask.


We were game. While Brian and Charles went to get the drinks, we found our groove and some space to dance. While we were jamming to 112’s “Only You” the guys came back with a bottle and shot glasses.

“What’s that?” Erica asked.

Brian smiled and casually looped one long arm around her neck and the other around Natasha’s waist. “You’ll have to follow me to find out.” Tameka and I tagged along to the backyard to a picnic table. A couple of other tall guys were having a heated discussion about whatever it is basketball players—per Tasha—talked about. Charles had decided to find Robert so it was just us girls.

“Aye, fellas, we’ve got company.” The trio stopped and focused on us. One was checking me out…and for good reason. I had decided on the cutoff short shorts and simple tank top. My boobs sat up naturally so I knew the outfit would give me sex appeal without it appearing that I was trying. Especially since I wore flip-flops and a baseball cap.

“Alcorn Braves huh?”

I smiled. He was cute.

“Yep,” I moved a little closer, “What you know about Alcorn?”

“It’s in the middle of nowhere.”

I laughed, “True,” I took a seat next to him, “But the beauty of being in the middle of nowhere is you can make as much noise as you want.” He smiled, “Is that right?”

I smiled. This was going to be an interesting summer…

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