Serenity Sunday: From the Ground, Up

“Humility can often develop from a fear of making others feel inadequate. Making sure everyone is visible and valued— this is always on my mind, therefore I tend to avert positive statements directed toward me so that others in my circle feel seen and included.

I first experienced praise and acknowledgment as a child at home, from loved ones. It’s easy to build up a child up. We don’t fixate as much on letting adults know how great, how awesome, how beautiful, how important they are.

Many of us go through life deprived of recognition, yet committed to modesty because we don’t want to spotlight ourselves. One thing I know from working in theatre is that a spotlight typically stays on; you can dim it until it fades completely out, but a spotlight runs— it never really goes off. The only way to make a spotlight stop shining is to unplug it.

Humble people know that they are a constant light. We choose to go quiet. We run on a dimmer which is not healthy and is, in a way, self-harming.”

— Excerpt from the personal narrative “From the Ground, Up”, Serenity Everyday

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