Speak Saturdays: What Made Me Smile This Week?

The heat and humidity in Arkansas has been quite disrespectful for the past couple of weeks. Arkansas weather is bipolar. We literally can wake up to all four seasons in one day.

So why did the weather make me smile this week? It wasn’t the weather, per se. But a sweet memory of summer when I was a kid.

Every summer growing up was spent in Greenwood, MS with my dad, grandmother, and cousins. We would be at my grandmother house in Rising Sun playing outside until the street light came on.

Now Mississippi heat was no joke and my grandmother only had one window A/C unit in the house that she would turn on at night. So my cousins and I always slept in the living room so we could cool off from our hot day of playing.

As we got older, we didn’t have many more cousins summers. But I still made sure I would spend time with my Grandma Bessie. One day my dad was off work and at the house. The heat on this particular day was causing me to be delirious. I asked my Dad could he turn the window unit on.

Why does he go and turn on the air from the electrical unit? Yall, my grandmother had the fancy air the whole time and we didn’t know. One cause we wasn’t allowed to touch the thermostat and two she always told us growing up that controlled the heat only.

I wish you could have seen my face when the air hit my face.

Hope this made you laugh.

Happy Saturday!


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