Would You Rather?

So I’m promising myself to advertise about travel and financing travel until I manifest several group tours. Since I’m a guest writer and my writer’s block refuses to let up, I decided to post a few words and let people dream of a vacation spot now or in the future with a new spot called “Would You Rather” comparing various destinations.

In the western most waters of the Caribbean sea are a chain of islands called the ABC islands. These islands are Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.

Aruba is the most popular of the islands. Usually because it’s rich culture, pink flamingos, an perfect beach days. It rarely rains and the colorful colonial houses enchant the masses. Nicknamed “One Happy Island” there’s no reason to frown with an average temperature of 72 throughout the year and all the sunshine you could stand.

Next is Bonaire. If you heard of the smallest island then most likely you are a diving enthusiasts. On this blip of an island you can discover the Caribbean’s salt pyramids surrounded by gorgeous pink sands. When your done with swimming book a tour of the island’s dry forest where you can book a tour to meet the Bonaire parrots!

Curacao is the last of the islands. It has the same magical weather and photo ops to sit with the flamingos but is minus the party attractions in Aruba. It’s all about the history, and culture here. Art is everywhere and even the resorts give way to cute botique hotels and local markets.

Which would you rather visit of the three. By the way, you can only reach Aruba by commercial flight!

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