What’s Happening Wednesday: Infrastructure Week

President Joe Biden’s agenda has been dealt blow after blow. Not only can he not get any Republican senators to support his efforts, he can’t even get all 50 of the senators from his own party to support him. To make matters worse, the two parties can’t even agree on what infrastructure is.

One party thinks that infrastructure ought to only include physical structures, like bridges and airports. The other party wants to include things like internet access and child-care. As such, nothing is being done on either front while the two parties try to hash it out. The country is stuck in limbo.

Did you know that faith, too, has it’s own infrastructure? There are things that we can do to build up our faith. Certainly, we all know that prayer and study are ways to build up our faith. But there are other ways, too. For instance, serving others is an infrastructure project. It might seem counterintuitive. We think of service and ministry as ways to show others the faith, and that is true. But it also builds our own faith muscles, when we see transformations in other people’s lives. The best way to see those transformations up close and in person is to be in service to them.

Have you heard the phrase, “so heavenly minded and of no earthly good.” It is pointless to pray and study, but never to serve. It is unfair to your leaders to take all that they pour into you, and never exercise any of it. As vessels of the faith we ought to be able to take in and pour out.

It’s infrastructure week (again). How are you building up your own faith? Who are you serving in the process?

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