Random Ranting

So today I have a little frustration to get out.

My journey of fruitful pursuits has led me to exploring Facebook Groups. Many of the ones that I have joined are quite informative.

The travel group is my go-to spot to learn from folks who travel way more than I do. I can search for information about different places. When people run into problems abroad they post and the community immediately jumps in with some pretty darn spot on advice.

I’m also in a couple of academic groups that support my work-related endeavors. Through these groups I’ve learned about resources for me and my students as well as take the opportunity to hop on to a virtual, silent writing group that has increased my productivity at times.

The newest groups for me are all baby-related. I’ve been learning all about cloth diapering and breastfeeding. There’s lots of experienced mamas in the groups as well as newbies like me.

HOWEVER, the common thread of frustration for me is the people that join the group and then make a post that asks a question or for a recommendation of something that is pretty common for the group. It drives me nuts! Not the ones where there is a unique variation to the ask, but the ones that hop on and ask standard stuff. For example, in the cloth diapering group I continuously see some variation of this post: I just bought pre-loved diapers what do I do to prepare them for use? OR in the local food group that spotlights Black owned eateries in a popular US food destination: I’m coming to XXX this weekend, what are the top recommendations for places to go?

Here’s a message:


Don’t be that person, when you join groups or even are requesting recommendations on any social media platform – do some basic stuff! I know these graduate school degrees taught me advanced research skills, but we were all supposed to learn basic research skills in high school. Remember those papers like an argumentative paper that was assigned in school? You were supposed to “research” about a specific topic and develop your argument for or against it…yeah that was teaching you basic research skills. AND it’s even easier to do now!! Some basic Google or Bing or Yelp or TripAdvisor searches can get you a wealth of knowledge depending on what you’re looking for. But within these social media groups, check to see if you see the search bar and toss in a few keywords related to your question to see what other posts pop up. You may just find what you’re looking for…


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