Speak Saturdays: What Made Me Smile This Week?

I think I will stick with this topic for a few weeks. It’s nice to reflect on the positive things happening your life.

Last week you saw I was with family. It is hard to leave but at some point we all have to go back to our respective houses. I think my stepmother was trying to hold us all hostage because I didn’t leave Mississippi until 5pm and I had a six hour drive home.

I was TIRED Monday morning and kicked myself for not taking off. But I am glad I didn’t. As you know, I work for an outpatient behavioral clinic and our service population is ages 4 to 17.

One of our cute four year olds came running in to give me a gift. A yellow shiny rock.

Now here is the funny part. It was only my gift for an hour. The kiddo came back to claim it and tell me bye.

Hope this story made you smile. What has made you smile this week? Comment below.

Happy Saturday!


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