Finding Gut balance

I really like food, so I find myself coming back to food topics…this week is no different. The last couple of weeks have been tough on my tummy. Pregnancy constipation is REAL 😬 and it’s been hitting me every time I’ve had to make a trip between Louisiana and Georgia.

Oh yeah let me backup…I said pregnancy constipation because I am pregnant. I AM PREGNANT. That will be a post on it’s on at some point, but for now let’s talk about food.

During this rough time, I so wanted to eat, but because food wasn’t going anywhere I never felt hungry. My stomach was literally like Yo! It’s a baby in here growing AND a bunch of food that won’t move!?! It was so hard to hydrate, to get up and move, or to even think about nourishment. But then my doc told me about this warm applesauce concoction because she knew I didn’t wanna take any meds other than my prenatal vitamin and low dose aspirin. I was like Yeah I think I can handle eating a little applesauce.

Y’all it worked.

And whew I feel so much better.

I’ve been enjoying chopped salads this week, and hydrating as much as possible so this won’t happen again!

A cup of orange juice plus a bowl of chopped salad with carrot slices and popcorn chicken


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